Spinning around

August 07, 2008

I’m on a spinner rack! In Safeway! Yay for Newsgroup and yay for my friend Wendy!

Buy a book from Wendy!
Buy a book from Wendy!

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  • heh heh, our little Safeway has been stocking you there for quite some time 🙂 Makes me happy to know a little of the wit behind the books **pats Susan on the back** Gee an award AND a spinner in one week !

    I particularly like it when they put a rack at the checkstand and it gets stocked with you, Debbie Macomber, Kristin Hannah, Luanne Rice and my friend got put there the other day – her second book is a heavy topic, but still a good read……..the book is “Promise the Moon” by Elizabeth Joy Arnold. Her first book “Pieces of My Sisters Life” was good too 🙂 Worth finding a copy and reading too ………..such fun !

    Congrats again Susan ! Now if they would just stock chocolate NEXT to the book section………..

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