HUGE surprise!

August 06, 2008

So I was minding my own business today when Barkis announced the arrival of the FedEx guy, with this huge surprise! I had no idea. I was like a deer in the headlights. It’s the 2007 Bestselling Contemporary in Borders. Who knew?????!

We have a winner. 

Many, many thanks to Borders for this incredible honor. I love the beautiful trophy, my book encased and sealed for all time. And thanks to readers who bought the book. What a day! Life is good!

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  • Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Drum Roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    No surprise to me and all of your fans!

    The best is yet to come!….for us the readers… and you the author!

  • Congratulations! What a wonderful honor and a great award. I love how it encases the book. And what a pretty cover. 🙂

    You deserve the award! Here’s to many more in your future.

  • So cool! If last year’s book was the best selling contemporary at Borders – just wait.

    This is just another indication of the next spot – the Number 1 spot on NYTimes Best Sellers List. It cannot be far behind. Looking forward to Just Breathe being there and the next Lakeside Chronicles book too. Why not!

  • This is very much deserved. We’ve all come to love the characters of this charming place. I wish it was a real place I could visit.


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