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July 31, 2008

This just in: a review in PW for JUST BREATHE. Publishers Weekly has always been good to me. Even when the review is less than a rave, the critique is fair as opposed to gratuitously snarky. This one…ahhh. I can quit holding my breath: 


Just Breathe
Wiggs, Susan (Author)

ISBN: 0778325776
Mira Books
Published 2008-09
Hardcover, $24.95 (400p)
Fiction | General

Reviewed 2008-07-21







Bestselling author Wiggs (Snowfall at Willow Lake) keeps her romance reputation going with this feel-good story of a wronged woman who gets out on her own and gets going. Sarah Moon, a comic-strip writer, is happily married to Jack Daly-until she comes home to find him entwined and naked with a business associate he had badmouthed to her just hours earlier. After five years of marriage, including months of infertility treatments because of Jack’s cancer, infidelity is the last straw, and Sarah pack ups and leaves Chicago for her hometown of Glenmuir, Calif. Sarah uses her comic strip, Just Breathe, to vent her frustration and relieve her stress. The character, Shirl, is undergoing fertility treatments, getting a divorce and moving back in with her mom. (Comic strips open each section of the novel). And in Glenmuir, lo and behold, Sarah’s dreams come true. She finds out she’s pregnant, and begins a friendship with her high school nemesis, Will Bonner, who’s now the town fire captain and a single dad whose lonely daughter reminds Sarah of herself as a young girl. Wiggs takes serious situations and weaves them into an emotionally wrought story that will have readers reaching for the Kleenex one moment and snickering out loud the next. (Sept.)






  • Susan, “Just Breathe” will connect with readers instantaneously.

    The characters are very well defined. The humor along with the
    emotional tugging done to our head and hearts as we get a look
    into the lives of these characters and see the human spirit prevail
    is superb!

    Just Breathe is an honest, realistic love story with many enjoyable
    twists and turns. I laughed, cried, and cheered as a lost identity is
    found as well as a place to call home.

    When I finally closed the book I thought WOW what a wonderful
    funny, feel good, uplifting story.

    IN OTHER WORDS…..I Loved it!…you done good kid!

    Keep up the excellent work.

  • That’s a wonderful review and makes me want to read the book even more. Are you sure we can’t get early copies? 🙂

    I hope the great reviews keep coming!

  • I was fortunate to be the winning bid for the ARC copy of JUST BREATHE.
    Having read almost all of Susan’s books – I can say this book is one of the best. I laughed, sighed, cried and loved every word. You (the reader) will connect with Sarah very quickly and with such empathy for her, it will be hard to put this book down. The book has it all.

    Love your books Susan, you are the best!

  • That’s a great review and makes me more excited to read the book. I kind of ignore excerpts and reviews and plot summaries of an auto buy because I like not knowing. It also makes the wait easier. Now that I know, I totally want to read it now. I love the brightness of the this and the new Summer by the Sea reissue. I always liked the original Summer by the Sea, but I found the cover a little too much like Summer at Willow Lake (or the first Willow Lake books – titles have always been bad for me). So, I get the books a little confused in my head. I’m very dependent on covers. They seem to be the one thing I remember about books. Very strange.

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