Mamma Mia!

July 21, 2008

We interrupt this blog to remind you: GO SEE MAMMA MIA! This is my favorite kind of movie, the kind that drives snobby critics nuts because we love it so much that we completely ignore them. They’re going to complain about the thin plot line (Hello? It’s a musical comedy, guys, based on ABBA songs, ferpetesake) and some will even critique Pierce Brosnan’s singing. True, he can’t sing, but he does it with utter sincerity, like when your husband sings to you.

It’s just a totally good time. Yeah, go ahead and leave your husband at home messing with the air compressor or hitting golf balls into the Sound or whatever guys do when you leave them alone.

The perfect dates for this movie are your best friend and your 11-year-old niece. If there’s a better movie moment this summer than “Dancing Queen” in this movie, I will strap on my mother’s platform boots!

  • Ok, I have to chime in here. My birthday present request is the DVD of this. My hubby and I just loved it. It is so fun. I thought it was all very well done. I saw the show on stage in Buffalo, too. It is just an uplifting show. I want a copy so that I can watch it when I need a boost. Thanks for the reminder.


  • Loved! Mamma Mia, except for the part Colin was given.

    Here are other favorite movies: 1. original P&P (Colin firth is my primary hearthrob, after my husband, of course). 2. Sweet Home , Alabama; 3. Magic of Ordinary Days (Hallmark); 4.both Emma’s and 5. The Lake house

    Other heartthrobs:1. Elvis 2. western heros from the 50’s ( Sugarfoot, Ciscoe Kid, etc); 3.David Borenaz; 4. Josh Lucas; 5. Clark Gable; 6. Orlando Bloom; 7. Bruce willis; 8. Joquin ? (Johnny Cash movie); 9. Dean Cain; 10.Ricky Nelson

    Ok, nobody really wanted to know that, but I just wanted to get it out of my system.

  • Loved the musical on stage, maybe cuz I went to see it with someone special, my b.f.f. Miz Wiggs – and LOVE ABBA. But the movie was a disappointment. Not the music, of course, but the casting. Good Lord, was Meryl Streep really the best they could do? Talk about a mismatch. She was painful to watch. Dear old Pierce was painful to listen to, but at least he was gorgeous. We got the DVD for Christmas. I’m sure we’ll put it on again, but when we do, I’ll use it for background music while I read a good book.

  • Agree with you totally … EXCEPT! I’m a guy who requested this as my 50th birthday present. My wife bought us tickets and we loved it so much I took us back the next night! My 8-year-old grandson went with us just to be with me on my birthday (“I might go to sleep, though, Papa.”) and he wound up loving it as much as we did. We all sang the songs all the way home!
    And IMHO, Pierce B can do anything well. Maybe it’s because he’s a fine Irish lad!

  • Camp. High camp. I couldn’t stand this movie. Never should have been made. It was a show. It should have remained a show, a musical. Live. With a live audience. The movie sucks bigtime. A total distaster…

    [a minority of one, but my two cents anyways] SMILE

  • I have seen the movie TWICE in a week. First time with 10 friends and the next time with 4 other relatives. I LOVED it!! I would go to see it again. The music was fantastic and the comedy kept us laughing throughout. The acting was wonderful and the scenery so beautiful! Makes me want to go to Greece!!!

  • I went yesterday and smiled through the entire movie!!!Just what the doctor ordered. We rocked in our seats and sang with them!
    What an AWESOMEmovie! Will go again. Is there anyone better than ABBA?????
    What great “get up” as the gals…and the guys….sang on stage. Love those shoes!!Can’t wait to see the out takes on the DVD…how many times did they fall in those? :o))

    And tooo bad for the people who left the theater before they saw all of the credits!!!! What a surprise!

  • I went last weekend, and it was a blast. I went with two friends. My mom actually did go with my dad, and she loved it. I would have loved to see the movie with my mom but it didn’t work out. We went to see the play together. She was disappointed there was no dancing in the aisles at the movies.

  • I haven’t seen it…yet. It’s on my calendar for Friday afternoon as a date with myself. 🙂 I love the musical and I’ve heard the PB’s singing isn’t the best, but I can look beyond that. He’s such good eye-candy. LOL!

  • Mom, Vince and I went to see it yesterday afternoon. We had seen it in the theatre years ago and couldn’t wait to see the sets “live.”

    It was great fun and I highly recommend it. The movie theatre was *packed.*

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