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July 11, 2008

It was a perfect summer day, so we went out boating and found……..the Pyrex Museum. Can such things be?

Remember, you saw it here first.
Remember, you saw it here first.

And just WHERE is this wonder?







Um, just one floor above the PAPER BAG MUSEUM, natch.


  • Bremerton of course (another Google save) so I can answer my own question……..I have been to the Naval (Submarine) museum, and am anxious to get to other interesting places once we get up there.

    Odd how once long ago, living in the “sticks” held such appeal for me. Of course it likely had to do with growing up just outside of Los Angeles, and driving to work for many years, going “over the hill” 17 miles, which on a good traffic day would take 45 minutes, or on a bad day an hour and a half……….sagebrush and sand looked GOOD after that. But six years later, it will be nice to go to town and shop for anything within a few miles instead of 15 miles, or 75 if I go to Reno 🙂

    The only thing the same about life is change.


  • Although not a museum, my favorite used bookstore in Great Falls, Montana, called “The Paperback Jungle”, has on it’s walls bags from stores all over the world. The walls are very high and papered with them. It’s very entertaining and cool to look at.

  • Are you kidding me?!!! LOL There is actually a pyrex museum and a paper bag museum? How funny! Maybe I should go through my junk and find something to create a museum around.

  • What a hoot! Although it’s really sad when something I received as a wedding present is displayed in a museum and available to buy at antique stores – Third row down, second from right!

  • Hi Susan !

    Ok, still laughing now (step up from crying over Christian the Lion’s video)……but tell us ! Where did you find such a place ?


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