Book Expo America part 2

June 05, 2008

More notes from the book show: The publishers’ booths are busy with signings, meetings and giveaways. I’m trolling for the best totebag on the block, and it’s a tie between the Stephenie Meyer black-and-red number and RWA‘s multifunctional bag with all the pockets and zippers. I meet the team of book people from Safeway stores; they were from the corporate headquarters in Pleasanton, CA. Wonderful folks who love to sell books in the grocery store. Erasmus said, “When I get some money, I buy books, and if there is money left over, I buy food.” Think how thin we would all be! News flash: Just Breathe will be in a bestseller slot in the chain when it comes out. Shazam!

A sales rep told me the Books-a-Million buyer loves the cover. Once again, affirmation that a great package is a huge incentive for buyers. Other account buyers visit the booth–Amazon, Costco, Newsgroup, Ingram. Librarians in droves–love these folks. Two guys from Shelf Awareness stop by.  A team from Publishers Weekly needing water, stat. Andy Cohen, president of Grade-A Entertainment, stops by to chat about his hit movie, “Untraceable,” with Diane Lane, and his new project based on Terry Brooks’s “Magic Kingdom” series. Here’s a  cell phone shot. I forgot my camera.

I meet with my publicist and PR people from my publisher, and learn Just Breathe will be advertised on ferryboats in Seattle. How cool is that? We talk about book groups, print ads, glossy magazines, newspaper reviews, online everything. I learn a new term: “shelter magazine.” There’s a postcard with a reading group guide that looks fantastic.

The children’s book publishers always have the fun booths. Toys, cupcakes, you name it. I always feel sorry for the booths with no people, like the Cultural Exchange of Lebanon. I sit down and enjoy a bottle of water with them, but I am clearly not the droid they’re looking for.

I have a delicious stack of advance reading copies. I’ll post a list later…

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  • That’s a great quote for a grocery store to have! When I was short on money, I used to have half a lunch or make my lunch stretch to more than one day so I could use the money I “saved” for books. Even in my leanest of days, I always managed to get books. I used to buy more books at the grocery store, but I don’t anymore. They moved them to the toiletries section upstairs and not downstairs where the registers are anymore. Still, I check them out when I go upstairs.

    It must be great to go to one of these as a writer to get more insight on the entire industry. A smart writer could take over the world or at least not get walked over. Not to mention the resources there are to booksellers, lenders and publishers – to get them all in one place.

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