Things that are as old as me

May 19, 2008

  • the patent for Velcro
  • stereo sound
  • Michael Jackson
  • Madonna
  • the state of Alaska
  • the first US satellite
  • The Chipmunk Song
  • I did get the surprise of my life from my sister & niece, in collusion with Jay. They live far away & I haven’t seen them in ages (well, since February but that is ages). I nearly wet myself.



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    • How cool was that! What a wonderful surprise! Who picked them up? Was Jay in on it? You guys have such wonderful times together.

      We will celebrate Michele’s 58th tomorrow.

      Thanks for sharing this with us We love it!!

    • What a wonderful video clip Susan !

      Happy birthday, enjoy your visit with your sister and niece. Family is so important and what a thril for you, especially with no warning of an impending visit ! Love how Barkis is scoping things out too…….

      Enjoy the day!


    • …and Barbie is on the list of 1959 items too, right? It always makes me smile to think, Barbie (the real, one, not the current incarnation) and I are the same age. See? I’m smiling now!

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