What fresh hell is this?

April 19, 2008

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  • Who woulda thought it? SNOW–inches of it–on April 18. I’m into capri pants, bright toenail polish and sitting in the grass to keep score for my son’s baseball team. Sheesh!
    Aubrey’s worried it will snow next weekend and Field’s End will be canceled!

  • Ha. Looks familiar………but only 2 states away !!! Snow pellets here and 50 mph wind and unbelieveable dust. I SWEAR if it kills my lilac bloom AGAIN I am going to be so upset ! Last year would have been absolutely fantastic. Then about this time last year, it froze, snowed 6 inches and killed all the lilac bloom in the valley here………This year, I am almost afraid to look at the trees – I have 3 ancient lilacs outside my bedroom and kichen. Not quite as good as the ocean and the Stennis, but I am happy with lilacs when they get to bloom ! Should make that “happy for now”, as we are going to move one of these years !


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