Happy Birthday to you-know-who

April 17, 2008

I prepare to leave the litter.YO! Barkis is one year old today! Happy birthday to my shiny boy! Here are a few highlights of the Year of the Dog:

Barkis discovers the beach

The beach is scary. Run away!Here he is a year ago …

…getting more handsome every day…

sun worshiper(sometimes I’m naughty)




…. I’m in Canine Good Citizen Class

I'm on my kitchen rug, waiting for a treat..

 … I love the beach!

…and I climb trees so I can look out to sea…




  • He is lovely !
    Just plain gorgeous. And one of the most lovely names I can think of , from one of my favourite lines in Dickens. My spaniel CJ is willin too, but her eyes melt as much for chicken liver as for me !
    I am realistic , sigh.
    Doesnt stop me melting right back, though.

  • Happy birthday Barkis !

    What a beautiful boy you have grown to be. To think you were but a pup when I first found your mom’s blog 🙂

    Many happy returns to you, enjoy the beach!


  • Very good-looking puppy. I love the way he shines (both in life in general and his coat).

    He looks very happy. I can’t believe he’s gotten so big so quickly. It seems like yesterday that he was just a little thing.

  • Windigo’s StellaNova sends happy birthday wishes to Barkis!

    Susan, he has turned into such a handsome boy. My little Nova thinks he looks mighty fine. (Of course, Nova’s also a Doberman, so naturally she thinks all Dobes are handsome!) Still, Barkis stands out from the crowd.

    May you celebrate many, many birthdays together in the future. In honor of his birthday, Nova will consume a rawhide pig ear. *g*

  • WHAT?!?! You didn’t do a Happy Birthday post on MY birthday! And I’ve got 23 years on him!

    It’s fine, I know, I’m not as agile as him and I refuse to eat anything that’s been dropped on the floor.

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