April 2008

The 3 Faces of Isadora

One of the most-asked questions of a writer: Where do you get your ideas? I rarely know; my novels are stitched together with bits and pieces like a crazy quilt. By

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A tale of 3 book covers

     The Charm School has gone through a few iterations in its lifetime. I thought you’d like to see the genesis of this book from the outside in. The concept for

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Weather wonders

Here’s a rainbow over Blake Island, which I can see from my beach:  Here it is, zoomed in: And finally, here it is, reflected in the water. I love Rainbow

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Keeping the lights on

Please watch this public service announcement from wonderful authors Mary Guterson and George Shannon. And support your local library! If you’re in the Seattle area, please join us! [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NSlU2ileAuU&hl=en] Saturday,

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Gloves off!

This blog is supposed to be all about relaxation and my favorite pasttime, reading. Dog walking and home decorating. Delicious food. Photography and travel. You know, the fun stuff of

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Bringing the outside in?

Here’s the USS John C Stennis…from my bedroom. Interesting perspective. I was sure they’d come for me (note the contraband on the dog crate). I swear, I gave the mail bin back to

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Good news, bad news

The good: Online registration for the Field’s End Writers’ Conference has been extended until Monday, 4/21. Yay! The bad: The conference is nearly sold out, so if you don’t pony

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What your speech says about you

Pop? Soda? Coke? Soft drink? Wash or warsh? Creek or crick? Carmel or cara-mel? Here’s a quiz about regional differences in speech and language. See if the quiz can predict where

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