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March 24, 2008

My kitchen was boring. This house is all about the view outside, but still. Off-white formica and linoleum squares were starting to get really depressing.

boring kitchen

Then the garbage disposal broke and I thought…I never liked that sink. And while I was at it, I hated the countertops, the cooktop, the backsplash and the floor. Time for a makeover! Time to go green!

My habit of watching “Living with Ed,” the Ed Begley show about going green, finally made sense. I ordered bamboo floors, Vetrazzo countertops (in Hollywood sage, just like the ones in Ed’s house; they’re made of recycled Coke bottles) and stainless steel tile. Oh, and something called a magnetic induction cooktop which looks like a flat sheet of black glass. Check it out! NOW we’re cooking!

new! improved! green!

 Here’s a wider shot of the space:

too pretty to cook in

…and a close-up of the cooktop:

magnetic induction cooktop

But still, I spend most of my time looking out the window….

the view from here

  • Susan,

    Here at Vetrazzo we love what you did with your new kitchen and we’re wondering if we could have your contact information for a possible photo shoot next time our photographer is up there. We would of course call well ahead of time to see what worked best for you. We need to update our photography and will be sending Joel Puliatti all over the weat coast. If you’re interested please let me know. You can email me at craig@vetrazzo.com or call our HQ at (510) 234-5550 ext. 306.

    Cheers and thanks again for choosing Vetrazzo,


  • Having sat in your kitchen more than once, all I can say is “Wow!” What a wonderful improvement. Every change you’ve made to this house has been exactly right. Brava, Sister Susan! Love, Deb

  • I love the colors …and the view! I love the counter top …and the view! I love the cooktop …and the view! I love the backsplash …and the view!

    …and did I mention the view?

    I just have one question – Does it make the food TASTE better??

    …and I especially like the idea of going GREEN!! Although I rarely find myself in the Politically Correct side of things – I feel very strongly that we have been entrusted with the natural world as stewards …maybe it is that smidgen of native american ancestry in my family tree.

    .and besides How elser can we save that view!

  • Beautiful ~ that is the sort of countertop I am putting in the new house !

    Great photos, showed my mom (the house designer extraordinaire) and she loved it………especially the cooktop!

    Thank you for sharing,


  • I think it’s beautiful. My mother was all interested in the countertop. Forget the kitchen… with that view, I wouldn’t have noticed what it looked like. So jealous… though, in all honesty, I had a great view of the Capitol and Washington Monument until they put up a new high rise next door. I can still see Reagan National Airport and the big memorial thingy our there.

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