A propos of nothing…

February 26, 2008

Tater Tots!…we passed by the place where Tater Tots are made. I guess it never occurred to me before that “Ore-Ida” comes from the fact that it’s located on the Oregon-Idaho boundary. Who doesn’t love Tater Tots?

  • I thought my husband was the only one that liked these – they are the ideal comfort food with the Friday night fish fry.

  • I LOVE Tater Tots. I can’t wait until Baby gets bigger so I have an excuse to buy them. Husband doesn’t really like them (probably because he’s an adult). My sister makes a Tater Tot casserole that my little cousins love. Seriously, on their birthday, they can have anything they want and that’s what they asked for. It’s just comfort food and bite sized. I never thought where Ore-Ida came from, but it makes sense!

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