Hot books for a cold day

January 29, 2008

In stores now!Today is the official release of Snowfall at Willow Lake. Enjoy!

Aaaand…First-time author Patry Francis also has a new book out today. It’s on my TBR. Check it out:

“The new questions and revelations just keep coming…Readers will be heartily rewarded.”—Ladies’ Home Journal

When new music teacher Ali Mather enters Jeanne Cross’s quiet suburban life, she brings a jolt of energy that Jeanne never expected. Ali has a magnetic personality and looks to match, drawing attention from all quarters. Nonetheless, Jeanne and Ali develop a friendship based on their mutual vulnerabilities THE LIAR’S DIARY (Plume / February 2008 / ISBN 978-0-452-28915-4 / $14.00) is the story of Ali and Jeanne’s friendship, and the secrets they both keep.

Jeanne’s secrets are kept to herself; like her son’s poor report card and husband’s lack of interest in their marriage. Ali’s secrets are kept in her diary, which holds the key to something dark: her fear that someone has been entering her house when she is not at home. While their secrets bring Jeanne and Ali together, it is this secret that will drive them apart. Jeanne finds herself torn between her family and her dear friend in order to protect the people she loves.

A chilling tour of troubled minds, THE LIAR’S DIARY questions just how far you’ll go for your family and what dark truths you’d be willing to admit—even to yourself.

Patry Francis is a three-time nominee for the Pushcart Prize whose work has appeared in the Tampa Review, Colorado Review, Ontario Review, and the American Poetry Review. She is also the author of the popular blogs, and This is her first novel. Please visit her website at

By Patry Francis
Plume Paperbacks / February 2008 / $14.00
ISBN: 978-0-452-28915-4
Readers Guide available at
For more information or to schedule an interview with Patry Francis, please contact Laurie Connors, Plume Publicity
212-366-2222 /

  • I read a promo on Tess Gerritsen’s blog and read that over 300 authors were helping promote this book/author on Jennifer Weiner’s blog. In praise of the solidarity, I’m inclined to buy the book. It does sound right up my alley.

  • Susan, thanks for helping to spread the news about the paperback release of Patry’s book! It really is an amazing read and Patry’s a very special writer, blogger, and person. Congratulations, too, on the release of your book! K.

  • just wanted to say “I love the cover on Snowfall at Willow Lake!”.

    I liked it when I saw it on the blog …but when I held it in my hands it seemed so much more than I was expecting – it’s gorgeous!

  • Seeing as I read Snowfall early, that looks really good. I have two other books I want to get in February so I wouldn’t be surprised if that one made it into my cart.

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