Seriously Big Stuff

January 26, 2008

talk talk talkTalk talk talk. I can’t believe I said that (“seriously big stuff”), but I did, among other things, on the Amazon podcast. Chatting on the phone with Anne Bartholomew, of, was way too fun. Have a listen as we discuss series books, lazy writers, the Betsy-Tacy books, hate mail, stealing your sister’s boyfriend and other Seriously Big Stuff here: Thanks to Amazon for this opportunity!

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  • Hi Susan,

    Nice interview ! Of course something you also said is that you are not artistic – but I see no proof of that either……no matter what the medium, camera, or words, you are definetly artistic !

    Thanks for the link to the interview, first time I have listened to something like that on my computer !

    Snow still coming down here 🙂


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