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December 16, 2007

Other than waiting for a couple of key deliveries, my shopping is done. Done! Oprah has her favorite things; here are a few of mine I’ve found for my friends and family who, with the exception of my perfect daughter, don’t read my blog:

Wolfermans English Muffins. The most important meal of the day, delivered.

Party shoes! Are these cute or what?Steve Madden Vyceroy And for the sporty types, a pair of Keen waterproof sandals.

A Kashwere bathrobe. This was listed as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things last year and it’s just one more thing to love about Oprah.

Medima angora long underwear. Lucky me, someone on my list wanted long underwear for Christmas. Instead of dying of boredom, I went looking for the Best Long Underwear Known to Man and here they are.

A beautiful travel wallet. Travel is so not fun anymore, you might as well have a classy-looking document holder in a yummy color.

necklace from Gilbert ThomesA Gold Ball Necklace. It’s made from one ounce of gold and strong enough to back a truck over, although I have no idea why you’d do that. There’s only one place to get this. It’s an original creation by Drew at Gilbert Thomes Jewelers.

A Frolic in Shibuya planner – irresistibly cute in that Japanesey way, with creamy stock paper.

A Bugzooka – the perennial favorite. There is no feeling of accomplishment quite so heady as sucking a live bug, unharmed, into the Bugzooka, and then releasing it into the wild.

The Pop-up Book of Phobias. A clown in 3D comin’ atcha! Plus snakes, spiders, dentists, flying and other horrors.

mix match RavelloPottery from Ceramiche da Lena. She had me at the butter dish. I bought all new dinnerware in this amazing shop in Ravello, Italy a few years back, and I am now hopelessly addicted. According to newspaper clippings on the wall, others who shop here include Hillary Clinton and Madonna. This addiction is bad luck for me, since the value of the dollar has made it scandalously expensive.

Sfogliatelle. Another addiction I brought home from Italy. If you can find an Italian bakery near you that makes sfogliatelle, you have discovered the Eighth Wonder of the World.

A bowl or little box from Tiffany, for M&Ms or paperclips. Actually, anything from Tiffany will do.

A Jimi Hendrix lunchbox, in case you have a brother who doesn’t like Tiffany.

shirt that will probably get my nephew beat up

I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence by Amy Sedaris. The last word on entertainment.

The Wave Board Street Surfer. Give this to someone who is very coordinated, or someone you don’t like.

A Hammerhead Sled

A cashmere bothy throw. I’m not sure what a bothy is, but this is the perfect thing to curl up with a new book.

Snarky stuff from Despair.com and geeky stuff from Thinkgeek.com…and don’t forget the office toys.

calendar you make from your own photos at Shutterfly.

The most spoiled dog in the known world gets an orthopedic mattress.

awesome glovesPortolano gloves, the ones with the cashmere lining.

Obnoxious stocking stuffers from stupid.com and Prankplace and handmade jewelry from the incomparable Willa.

  • I live close to Wolferman’s land in Missouri and would be happy to deliver your marvelous muffins whenever you’d like! Perhaps we could share one at the Maui Writers Conference, if you will be attending again this year! All the best for a great New Year!

  • GEE! I wish Moi was on your list!
    FABulous gift-y ideas…will print off and save for next year…EXCEPT for the Bugzooka… I happily bought four for each of my chillun’. after your demo. I will have to borrow one from time to time….or put it on MY wish list next year!!!

    May I suggest for the chef , the two “bestest” cook books( so “beauteous” they are worthy of coffee table books):

    Once Upon A Tart from the chefs at NYC’s favorite bake shop…has soups, salads, muffins, FAB scones and more. By Frank Mentesana and Jerome Audureau. You will gain weight just looking at the great photos and the recipes are to die for …and so easy to make.
    Also, with small plates now the big rage, my newest favorite cookbook is Small Bites Big Nites by Govind Armstrong..”Seductive little plates for intimate occasions and lavish parties.” His restaurant is the highly acclaimed Table 8 in LA and this book has gorgeous pix of platings (you eat with your eyes first) of magnificent small dishes. And of course the recipes and how-tos.


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