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December 08, 2007

2007, like every other year, is the year of the book. Fully confident that none of my friends or family read my blog (really, they don’t), I’ll post a partial list of some of the books I’ve bought as gifts this year:

  • A lot of those books look great! I anticipate checking some of them out eventually. Not many people I know read for entertainment, and I often give books that sit on a shelf for years and years and years until they mysteriously disappear. I only got my mother the book, Truman, this year because she wanted it.

    I did buy the husband a book this year (I bought him the Stephen Colbert book). I’ll probably pick at least a couple from your list next year. The bad news is I have to go back to work in a couple of weeks, but the good news is that I’ll start getting a paycheck again which means I get to buy books again!

    Thanks for sharing the list! I’m much more likely to read these books than, say, bake. I agree that the photo of Barkis is adorable! How good he is to stay with the antlers on long enough for a photo.

  • I read your blog!!! Don’t worry, I closed my eyes before I saw what you got me.

    But seriously, Mommy, your blog gets me through the work day.

  • Hey Susan –
    Thanks for the book list! I am going to hunt for Rabbit’s Gift ….Jacob and I ought to enjoy it immensely.

    I bought and read Suzanne’s book earlier and gave it to my grandkids… I think it may have been a little young for my granddaughter and a little old for my gradson …but it was just right for me!!!

    Ginny – if you love On Strike for Christmas – you will love A Prince of A Guy by Sheila Rabe – Trust me!!! (Although – if you have met Sheila Roberts – you probably know this already!)

  • me again…excited about reading Sheila’s book after having met her at dinner at the celebration of Suzanne’s book signing and birthday in September. It was such fun sitting and eating!! and chatting with Sheila and you! Give her my best…I just ordered her book.My Christmas gift to me:o))

  • I LOVE the picture of precious Barkis reindeer in Shutterfly. But he looks more like a furry ANGEL…what GREAT eyes…love the adoring expression….He’s my furry hero(oops! wonder if my furry feline boys can read this?????Tee! hee!

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