Trick or Treat.

October 31, 2007

I’m such a sucker for dogs in costume. Would you please check out Barkis in his ladybug get-up?

Barkis in his halloween costume

  • I can’t believe you put “Barkis the Wonder Dog” in a gender Bender costume!

    …and what are male Lady Buggs called anyway ….I should know this I was a Bio major in another life…

  • Barkis makes a great “bug” 🙂 What are male ladybugs called anyway ? Barkis ! Heh heh……..Today, my friend will take her two Chinese Crested hairless dogs to our small town “main street safe Halloween”….dressed up as Mr. and Mrs. Skunk ! She is very imaginative, and last year I toted around one of her dogs, he was dressed up as a doctor, complete with wire rimmed glasses, white shirt, black pants, a black vest and shoes !!!!

    I only found out last night that she has NO photos of them dressed up !!!!!! So, I will be there today to snap away.

    I love fall and Halloween, loved seeing Barkis ! Thanks for showing him off !

    Pam in Janesville, CA

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