I want to write a historical romance.

October 27, 2007

So much of writing feels like play, or maybe like doing a craft–knitting, perhaps, or quilting. Something with color and pattern. My favorite stage of writing a book happens before I’ve ever written a word. Mulling ideas over in my head, sketching out characters, endlessly what-iffing to myself and to anyone who will listen.

Charm School stepbackCurrently, I’m pulled in four different directions. I need to work on Bo’s story for the Lakeshore Chronicles, because he is so damaged and sexy and compelling. I still love the mother/daughter novel I’ve had in progress for a long time, but I never get a chance to work on due to other obligations. I’m noodling around with the next hardcover (after Just Breathe), and I’m especially excited after an impromptu brainstorming session with Isabel Swift. And finally…drumroll…I want to write another historical romance.

There. I’ve said it. I want to do another historical romance.

I’ve had the idea for years, but it’s been on the back burner while I explore the endlessly fertile ground of contemporary fiction. But it won’t go away. And recently, when I was hanging out with my publisher’s director of sales, he happened to mention The Charm School and how it’s been such a reader favorite through the years. It made me remember the fun of the genre.

[Speaking of historicals, what do you think of this new cover art for The Charm School? (click the link and you’ll see it)]

This new idea–working title, American Princess–started nudging at me again. It’s like nothing I’ve done before or seen anyone do, but it has all the fairytale hallmarks of historical romance at its most fun.

Not that I have time to write it, not now. This would be a good “play” project–a book written purely for the fun of it. I might give myself a writing vacation of a week, and see what develops.

  • Yes, please… I know that’s easy to say when you’re pulled in so many directions, but your historicals are missed. I also miss writing them, and having as many to read from my favorite historical authors–you included. I’ve noticed other authors who’ve been writing mainly contemporaries for some time now returning to their historical roots. I hope it’s a trend that will grow and continue long enough for you to write this one. 🙂 You have selfish readers, dear. 😉

  • Please tell me that another Susan Wiggs historical is a possiblility in the near future. I’d give my first born grandson for one. I don’t care if he is 35 yrs old and may have other ideas. Pick an era, any time from the Inquisition, to Columbus, to the Chicago fire. Not WWII though. To me that’s a contemporary. 🙂

  • I just finished THE FIREBRAND. It was next in line for me to read. It
    just happened to coincide with the So. Calif. fires. I loved the book, and I
    will get the other two as soon as I can. I know I will love them, too.

    My uncle and cousins live in San Diego and I haven’t been able to get in touch with them. I just need to keep trying, and hope that they are ok.

  • Do you remember the local chain of burger restaraunts in Houston – their motto was “Over 2 Dozen Served”? I am sure there’s more than a couple of dozen who would LOVE to read your new historical!!!!

    My father in Law used to have a line he used on his three daughters. When one of them came in he would say “How’s my favorite daughter doing?” This worked great until the afternoon all three showed up together. One sat on the left arm of his chair, one on the right and the other stood in front …and said “All right Buster! Now which one is your favorite daughter?” …all he could do was sputter!

    When I am not near the SW book I love, I love the one I am near – even if I have read it before!!

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