Police Blotter – volume 2: The kiss was not unwanted.

October 20, 2007

Another gem from the blotter…Just another day on the island.

Police Blotter 2

Submitted without comment…..

  • I understand fully the worry and concern. My father in law’s sister was a constant worry in her last few years and now that he is 89, he has been showing the effects for a couple of years. The “good” news is he is not quite so mobile as she was.

    I never thought I could laugh so hard with such a serious subject!

    Thank you both!

  • Compassion and Understanding. . . .

    My Aunt suffers from dementia. She’s 81.

    My cousin took her mother to Atlatic City on a recent trip.

    She was frantic when her mother got seperated from their
    group. Apparently, her mother just took off with out saying
    a word. Seems she had seen some one that she thought
    she recognized. (Her late husband-my Uncle ).

    The next thing my cousin knew, she heard a very loud yell
    coming from the crap table. My Aunt had walked up to a
    total stranger at the table and goosed him.

    The poor man was taken a back and very surprised.

    He was also very understanding.

    Seems the shock of the situation caused him to roll (let go
    of the dice he was holding before he was ready) and he
    won a huge amount of money!

    My cousin, who was so embarrassed by her mother’s actions
    didn’t know what to say. . .except, to keep repeating, “I am so
    very sorry”. . . . .She couldn’t wait to get her mother out of there
    and back up to her room as fast she could.

    Upon check out the foloowing day there was a envelope left at
    the front desk (from the man that my Aunt had goosed) with a
    note that simply said: “To My Lucky Charm, with understanding
    and compassion. Thank You.” And, attached to the note was
    a $100 bill.

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