Wind storm

October 18, 2007

We lost a big alder tree (along with power for a few hours) in Thursday’s wind storm. Here’s a cell phone pic. Barkis was excited! Me, not so much.

  • Yikes! . . . Winds, Electricity and a tree.

    Whew! Thats a lot in one day.

    Barkis is on the spot to investigate the case
    and to make sure that tree stays down for
    the count.

    (Sad about the tree but glad everyone is okay.)

  • Reminds me of the day I graduated from college in Canton, Missouri!

    We lived in a house across the street from a fraternity, back when streaking was “New”.

    Anyway on gradiatin’ day this storm blew in and knocked down a huge oak tree barely missing the front porch of the fraternity. The tree fell between the house and several parked cars without doing any damage.

    No sooner did the sky clear and we heard someone over there yellin and hollerin like a Baptist preacher proclaiming the fires of hell. By the time I got the door open, all I heard was the last line.

    “…and the Lord puffed up His lips and He Bleeeeewww our tree down!!

    His delivery would have made Billy Sunday proud!

  • I can’t believe how fast Barkis has grown. I love his floppy ears. It makes him look like a whole different breed of dog.

    That’s some strong wind! Makes me glad to be in the city, no trees and rarely property damage from them. No bugs either actually. On the other hand, it’s rarely quiet or dark which is kind of a comfort after awhile, too.

  • I agree, that looks a bit TOO close to a building……but Barkis is obviously happy with this “new” part of the yard……..your winds up there are here now and it is a bit too wild for comfort.

    Stay safe !


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