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October 15, 2007

This is surely the most-shared item on the Internet at the moment because it’s so darned funny. Stephen Colbert takes on Maureen Dowd’s op-ed column. Enjoy!

  • I never got into arguing for the sake of arguing. My cousin’s husband used to bait me unmercifully, trying to engage me in a debate about the comparative value of history vs. science. Me, I would rather go read a book.

    I see I am STEEL having technical problems with my computer. The good news is the Geek Squad tells me they think they have located it. They said it is “located somewhere in the seat to keyboard interface.” Now, if I can just find that, maybe I can fix it.

    Thank you, Susan, for fixing my double vision!

  • Oh, I associate myself with a party but politics in this town are different than in others. In this town, politics is a hobby as well as a vocation. People argue for the sake of arguing and for that I have no patience. I do think I’ve started to view politics a lot more cynically since moving here. Local politics or even national politics at an “outside the Beltway” perspective is a lot more doing and a lot less discussing. Instead of talking about the environment, my parents spend time actually looking for a way to do their part. I just don’t see how Right/Left or just plain crazy can accomplish anything if they just keep shouting that the other is wrong and thinking that compromise is a weakness instead of a step in the right direction. Anyway, those are my general thoughts without going all political. 🙂

    The boy doesn’t have too much fervor. He’s looking for a new job (or rather a job for another senator). We’ll see.

    Oh, I believe in Santa, by the way. I still get presents from the Big Guy. I’m afraid if I say I don’t believe, I’ll stop getting presents. 🙂


    I am GLAD “The Boy” is gainfully employed…
    …and I hope he writes with fervor and conviction!

    AS Bill Cosby said, when he was confronted by his second child, “Beelzabub”: “It is the fault of the one that had it last!”

    The public relations guy may write it – but, once the politician proclaims it or issues it as a declared position …I am one of those naive people who expect them to act in accordance with their declarations.

    …and I want you to know there is nothing malicious in what I wrote – in some sense it was satirical …however, my frustration is real.

    I am probably the misfit in this political arena – I don’t see myself as a Democrat or a Republican or a Libertarian or ???. Maybe I should check out the Whigs party or is that the Wiggs party?

    The only politician I feel (mostly) comfortable with right now is our U.S. Representative, Joanne Emerson. …and that is primarily because I know she has been a big help to people who were being jerked around by the VA or being ignored by the Social Security Administration. I really don’t know where she stands on many issues!


  • Well, first, I should say it is a bit like when someone says there’s no such thing as Santa when you find out politicians don’t write the majority of quotes and speeches and such. That said, if they did, my husband wouldn’t have a job. He’s a Press Secretary for a senator. hehehe

    Either way, I’m a big fan of Stephen Colbert. I think he’s funny. I don’t catch him as much as I’d like and haven’t read his book. I know his book has mixed reviews, but I’d like to check it out eventually. I did read Lewis Black’s after his exposure on The Daily Show and, of course, we have Jon Stewart’s America. I haven’t read Maureen Dowd though her books interest me. The boy doesn’t like her much. I’m not sure why. He’s never said, but I do know he does agree with her on a few points. It’s more a personal issue with him.

    Thanks for the article! I did my part and forwarded it around.

  • I hate to admit it – but I have become disenchanted with every one in the political arena.

    There are two very effective ways to tell if a politician is lying:

    1). They are talking!
    2). Their aides wrote something and he signed it.

    I am pretty sure they can’t read or write …it takes too much time away from what is going on under the Table.

    Without a doubt,

    we have the best government money can buy.

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