Baby seal on the beach

October 08, 2007

Would you please check out the baby sea lion that came to my beach today?

little visitor

See my previous post about protecting seals. Safe travels, little guy.

  • Where was this lil’ darlin’ a month ago?
    Great pix, Susan :o)
    How did Barkis like him…. new playmate since Joop left?
    You are truly blessed!

  • The photos came out great. The face is just precious. Somehow, my mother started collecting seals (the tiny collectible type).

    I hope the little guy (or girl) is ok. Now, that’s the kind of wild kingdom I wouldn’t mind seeing in my backyard not like the bears near my parents’ mountain home. Even the deer freak me out and kept me inside last year.

  • How can anyone look one of these little guys in the eye and then bash them over the head with a club? Those little baby faces grab my heart and sqeeze it. There is intelligence and emotion in those eyes.

    I can understand the eskimo, in a subsistence life style, hunting mature seals for food and clothing to protect them from the severe winters. However, I can’t see the senseless slaughter of 100’s or thousands of baby seals for profit.

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