A morning swim

September 16, 2007

My friend Pete took this stunning picture one morning. Arms around Bainbridge benefit swim, photo by Pete Saloutos

He’s a key organizer of Arms Around Bainbridge, an athletic event and benefit for Olivia Carey, a beloved islander suffering from ovarian cancer. I feel so lucky to live in a place where people take care of each other in creative ways. It’s a perfect example of how a person can use his gift and his passion. to help someone.

Last year I wrote a story to benefit Cottage Dreams, an organization that gives cancer victims a week in a rustic lakeside cottage. The topic was tailor made for me–a lakeside cottage? I am so there. I’m proud to have a publisher that gives authors an opportunity to use their gifts and passions to help others.

  • Finally I get to your blog. I’ve been so busy for months, overwhelmed, actually. How lovely of you to post the picture of the four of us. What a truly lovely and relaxing weekend that was at your house. Thanks again!

    here’s a hug,


  • One of the things I love about your books is the way you have been weaving messages into them. In Oceans Between Us it was Juvenile Diabetes. Here we have supporty for Cancer Survivors.

    As a Prostate Cancer survivor and a type II diabetic, these messages have a special significance for me. They also help me connect with the characters …not that that is difficult mind you!

    One of the things I find so interesting is the fact that your protagonists or antagonists frequently arrive on the page with some defect of health or spirit and yet they seem more “whole” – more real – and more loveable because of their challenges.

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