Busy day on the water

August 31, 2007

So there I was, putting the finishing touches on my revisions, when the carrier John Stennis came steaming home.

Stennis going to Bremerton

Welcome home, Navy guys! This closeup gives you a perspective of its size. Note the 200-car Washington  State Ferry in the background:

carrier detail

In fact, seeing how tiny and vulnerable the people on deck look was the inspiration for the mishap in one of my books.

Barkis took it in stride…

Barkis & carrier

But the show wasn’t over. Along came a shiny new yacht, with a helocopter hovering overhead, apparently filming or photographing it.

helo & yacht

I put up a slide show of the whole business. And here I thought living on the water was supposed to impart a zen-like calm….


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