“Uncomplicated” is good, right?

July 24, 2007

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Publishers Weekly weighs in on Dockside:

“Wiggs returns to the town of Avalon, N.Y., and the shores of picturesque Willow Lake with the fourth* installment of her popular Lakeshore Chronicles (after The Winter Lodge)….Wiggs’s uncomplicated stories are rich with life lessons, nod-along moments and characters with whom readers can easily relate. Delightful and wise, Wiggs’s latest shines. (Aug.)”

Dockside by Susan Wiggs

[*This is one vigilant reviewer! It’s the fourth Lakeshore Chronicles title. Technically, the second was “Homecoming Season,” a novella in the anthology More Than Words 3. I’m very flattered that the reviewer noted that.]

Aaaannd…a propos of nothing, what do the following places have in common?

  1. Surprise, AZ
  2. Maple Grove, MN
  3. Fort Myers, FL
  4. Edina, MN
  5. Rochester, NY

Answer? They are the top 5 cities for selling Wiggs books at Barnes & Noble. I’m now on a mission to visit each one of these cities!

  • Okay ya’ll – maybe I am starting to get it … the reading of it isn’t all that complicated.

    the story unfolds naturally – people behave like real people do, their behaviors flow logically, emotionally and thoughtfully from who they are …and it all makes sense. The good guys are good guys all the way through to a happy ending!

    But reading an interesting uncomplicated story must take a ton of complicated research, plotting and character development to make the story an uncomplicated read!

  • Uncomplicated eh?. . .Interesting.

    Hey. it’s a good thing.

    There is no clutter or confusion. . .A clear vision of what the story
    is all about that readers can relate to and will most definitely
    love and enjoy.

    It’s a compliment.

  • I’d take it as a compliment, Susan. I’ve always loved your novels and your ability to tell a rich, heart tugging story.

    It’s a great review. Congrats!

    I received my copy of Dockside last week while I was on vacation, but won’t be able to read it until next month (argh!!) As usual, I’m learning the hard way, in the midst of some jaw-dropping revisions to my 3rd novel that have left me both humbled and in awe of how easy you always make it look.

  • I saw that phrase and immediately wondered about the critic’s mental capacity! More like I wanted to give her/him apiece of my mind ….but, upon brief reflection, decided I didn’t have enough to spare!

    I sit here daydreaming about maybe being a writer one day when I grow up! …feeling like your books are incredibly complex, the way you weave the threads of past lives, present lives, differences in families, social strata, a sense of place, the dichotomy of intellect and emotion, etc., etc., etc.

    ….and I think ….well maybe I could write a little short story or an article or something …maybe a letter….

    Naww! mabe I should stick to my knitting… I got Dockside this morning …and I am on page 113 ….and this has turned into a marvelous day …and I know tomorrow will be too!

    …Maybe uncomplicated is a GOOD thing…and I just don’t get it!

    Congratulations on the launch – I hope Dockside hits the world like a tsunami!

    Wishing you everything good!

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