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July 20, 2007

Book people. You know the type. They read. They remember, they have their favorites, they have a gift for matching up books and readers. They can tell you where they were when they first read [fill in groundbreaking title here]. They know exactly where a certain book is shelved, even if it was put there months and years ago.

You’ll be happy to know that the people in charge at Barnes & Noble are extreme book people. I had a very happy meeting with Tommy Dreiling, Antoinette Ercolano and Bob Wietrak in New York this week and I have to tell you, it’s a treat to sit down and visit with people whose careers are dedicated to selling books. Dating myself: I was able to share with them the fact that I’ve been a B&N customer since before there were B&N stores. As a student, I used to order from the B&N catalog every month. Bob & Tommy have worked for bookstore chains nearly all their adult lives and know them inside and out. Antoinette, too, and she has visited some 500 of the 800 B&N stores. You can mention “Bellevue, Washington” and yes, she’s been there. We are in very good hands.

And P.S.–I got to dine at two unforgettable restaurants: The Modern and Beppe. Not to be missed if you’re in Manhattan.

  • Please let your associates from B&N know that the store that I frequent ( and I mean frequent!!!) located in Greenfield, WI is the best! It may not be the new and fancy ones that they have been opening, but small is always cozy! The workers were great Friday night for the HP party. And I will be there tomorrow, picking up my copy of Dockside, and how convenient, one of Debbie Macomber’s book comes out tomorrow also!

  • Ahh, you make the writing life sound so glamorous. I suppose it is, some days. I just discovered your blog and am really enjoying the posts.

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