Worth getting up early for

July 13, 2007

Would you please see if you get “Sunrise Earth” on your telly? December sunrise over Mt Rainier…And then set your DVR to capture it every day, preferably in High Definition? It’s the sort of program to put on while you’re fixing your morning coffee and then staring dully around, trying to figure out what to write for the day. That’s how it works for me, anyway. I have the prettiest sunrise view in the world, right here (see photo above) but I seriously love getting up with the bison of Wyoming, or with frogs on the Amazon, or the fisherman of Sri Lanka. The only sound track is the natural sounds that take place in the scene. Anyway…check it out. There’s nothing else quite like it on TV.

  • My husband, daughter, and I visited the Seattle area last year, and seeing this picture just brings it all back. What a beautiful place to live! We would take the ferry over to the city, stand at the front, and gape at the view every day, wondering how long you’d have to live there to take it for granted.

    Also wanted to tell you that my mother, who had been struggling to find books that interested her, loved both your Willow Lake books and asked if there were any more. I was happy to tell her about the new one! Thank you for writing them:)

  • Amazing…the view from THERE is soooo spectacular…It is hard to believe that YOU…. “staring dully around, trying to figure out what to write for the day”.

    With what you see as you start each day, I just knew the inspiration would overwhelm you like an avalanche…. leaving you in a quandry of multitudinous options!

    Thanks for the WallPaper! Vagabond Grandma has consented let me replace Matthew Mcconaughey with your amazing scenery!


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