Kathleen Woodiwiss

July 08, 2007

She was not only my first read in the genre–she was my friend.

From Heath Woodiwiss, Kathleen’s son.

Kathleen has passed away 7/6/07.

“Hello. I am very sorry to inform you all of the death of my mother Kathleen. She took the death of my brother a bit harder than we thought and the cancer came back with a vengeance. She passed away Friday morning at 0630 in Princeton, MN. I just want to thank you all for all of your support and being such great fans. My Mom was amazed at all of the people that supported her. Her final book is done, but not finished. We will be trying to polish it up for her. Her editor at Harper Collins has been a great source of stress for my Mom and the rest of us as well, so I am not sure how that will work out, but we are trying to get the book published as fast as possible. We all want this to be her greatest book ever. Thank you again for all of your support.


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  • I started reading Kathleen’s books earlier this year, and was saddened to come across her obituary while perusing her titles. She’s one of my current favorites, and when not looking for her titles at bookstores and the library, I recommend her writing to friends. It’s sad to lose a talented individual.

  • I was always amazed that none of Kathleen W’s novels contained her picture. I purchased “Everlasting” today. Finding her picture inside the back cover, I realized they referenced her in the past…..realizing she passed away. I own every single one of her novels; and, have often given them a second or third read. She always had a way of drawing the reader into the very fabric of her novels….the era, the place….her characters were so real to her that they came alive within the pages. So sorry to hear of her many problems and her early passing. She is definitely one of a kind. God bless her and her family.

  • Daneen, thank you, and what a treat you have in store for you. My personal faves from Woodiwiss are SHANNA and THE WOLF AND THE DOVE.

    They will make you say “Harry Who???” ­čÖé

  • I happened upon Kathleen’s obituary in our local paper last week. I had never heard of her, but decided to start learning more about her and her books. Now I have recommended her books for our book club this coming year. We look forward to reading her works and so sorry she died so young.
    With sympathy, Daneen Hirbe

  • Susan, my deepest sympathies go out to her son Heath,
    her family and friends. She will be dearly missed.

    Kathleen Woodiwiss was my first read.

    She inspired an entire generation of readers and writers.

    Her gift of story telling touched my heart and captured my imagenation
    with her exciting adventures, vivid and interesting characters, and a
    sense of time and place that brought the historical romance alive.

    Yet it was much more than that. She transended the boundaries and
    really connected with readers. It was her heart warming sincereity
    and gentleness which raidiated from her books that made them so
    very special to me and ones that I will always treasure.

    She was a grand lady.

    Thank you Kathleen.

    May you rest in peace.

  • Thanks, girls. I first met Kathleen in her beautiful historic home near Alexandria, Louisiana. She graciously opened her antebellum house to a group of writers attending a workshop there. I was incredibly nervous — she wrote SHANNA, after all, a book that changed my life because I decided to write a romance novel after reading it.

    I told her this, and she was incredibly gracious and genuine, and through the years, we corresponded, eventually via e-mail. I knew she was sick but was hoping for the best. She was a very gentle, loving soul who was devoted to her family. She will always be remembered as one of the founders of the genre as we know it.

  • Please convey my sympathies to Heath upon the death of his mother, and his brother. I just got one of Kathleen’s books at Bookaholic, where they have quite a selection of her books. They are a nice legacy for us all to enjoy and remember her by.

  • Kathleen was one of the first historical romance authors I read and very much one of my favorites. Her sense of humor was wonderfully written into her novels with great characters and entertaining stories that I still cherish today. May she rest in peace, she will be greatly missed. I look forward to reading her last novel.

    Where did you meet her, Susan? Am I on target with her sense of humor?

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