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February 10, 2007

So in the grand scheme of things, this is probably not huge, but this month’s interview in “Heart to Heart” is something I’ve always wanted to do. Thanks to Ginger Curwen for interviewing me, and particularly for asking me a really good question about pivotal scenes. It made me think about the important moments in a novel, and how every choice the writer makes can affect the direction of the story.Heart to Heart logo

“Heart to Heart” started out as a publication for readers who shopped at the B. Dalton chain. Now it’s expanded to a web-based e-newsletter, but I was one of its first fans, way back before the Web. What I loved was that it featured interviews with some of my favorite authors, like Jennifer Blake, Laura London , Kathleen Woodiwiss and LaVyrle Spencer. There really wasn’t anything quite like it out there, so it was a chance to catch a glimpse into the thought processes of a working writer.

Every writer I’ve ever met is convinced that her peers have found an easier way to get the book written. What I discover, in reading various author interviews, is that there are as many ways to write as there are authors–every one of them a tough challenge. And really, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • Susan, as always another great book!!! The problem when your books are so great is that we have to wait for another new one. But, luckily I have all your books
    so I just pull out one and reread it. I just read again “Charm School” and “Table for Five” Thank you so much for all the hours of reading pleasure you give us!!!

  • I’m just beside myself here. I’m supposed to be starting a new book (calling it LAKE EFFECT in honor of the current weather situation in the region) but it’s all very distracting. I’ll settle down soon. The actual work of writing has an uncanny humbling effect, eh?

  • Susan, what WONDERFUL news re: hitting the lists with The Winter Lodge!!! You deserve everything coming your way, girl. I ordered a copy from Amazon last week, but it’s hasn’t arrived yet. I’m really looking forward to reading it. (I’m knee-deep in snow here in Canada — can’t wait to come your way in April for a break) Take care. 🙂

  • Congrats on making the big lists! So awesome! It’s a positively DIVINE book. I loved it so much I picked up another copy for my sister and when I went into my local store they were just restocking to replace all the ones that had sold. It’s all good 🙂

    Hey, Pat, awesome cover!

  • Oh wow thanks!
    I could not get the article online but another VERY nice blogging buddy from the east coast TYPED the whole article and sent it to me!!! How cool is that?
    When I read it I looked back at my cover again –I thought it was quite interesting also — I know I had ideas in my mind about my cover — in fact Putnam asked me to kind of write out some ideas I had. One of them was a man on a bike but their rendering of it was (I think) perfection — Do you have specific ideas for each book (or series) or do you just let the powers that be come up with something?

  • Aloha S,
    No it doesn’t!
    I’ll be there!
    My blog is http://pkwood.blogspot.com
    I think if you double click on my name you will get there too.
    I am working on my website and it should be up in mid March.
    I can totally relate about the hours in the day. Between writing letters for blurbs and trying to focus on my next project I am tapped out.
    Much, much, aloha to you,

  • Patricia – can you post the URL of your blog? I would love to see it! I want to link to blogs but need to sit down and figure out how it’s done. I need a couple of extra hours in the day!

    I might be back in Maui in 2008 which sounds very far away!

  • Aloha and Congratulations!!!!
    Two best seller lists!
    I for one spent several decadent hours sprawled in the cockpit of my boat reading Winter lodge when I should have been doing something else!
    Your interview was very interesting. I love reading author interviews.
    As a former teacher I use many of my interactions in my novels, too.
    Thanks so much for sharing this.
    (My cover is finalized Susan — it’s on my blog! My release date is Aug 2 — How excited am I??????)
    When are you coming back to Maui?

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