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15 Favorite Things for Gifting

I love giving gifts at holiday time. It’s a way to let people know you not only love them, but you know what they need. Here are a few things I give, time and time again, year in and year out. What about you? What’s the one gift that always brings a smile?
Separate from my list a great gift is a signed book by a favorite author—I know a few! Order a signed copy of The Oysterville Sewing Circle.

NOTE: None of these products or companies gave me anything for free or any other incentive to say nice things about them. These are just things I love and love to share.

  1. DO THIS IMMEDIATELY. Your cyber-challenged rellies will bless you for it: If you’ve given up on sending Christmas cards (we all have), get the Postagram app immediately. For $1-2 (postage included) you can send a gorgeous actual postcard in the mail in seconds, and it’ll feature a picture from your phone.
  2. A solar light to read by—get it from LittleSun because each purpose lights the world!
  3. A way to prop up the book (or e-reader) that are holding you captive:
  4. A Bugzooka for the scary bugs in your life. This is best because you don’t need batteries and no smooshing.
  5. Kids’ adventure wear from J-stitch. Designed and made in America. Your kid can have a backpack vest or the superhero t-shirt featured in The Oysterville Sewing Circle.
  6.  Moms need gifts too, super soft angora long underwear. 
  7. Or for Mom, a full-length cashmere robe!
  8. Jcoco gourmet chocolate from Seattle Chocolates—they feed the world with every bar you buy.
  9. And the utterly addictive pecans from
  10. Thirsty? You need this Coleman water bottle that will keep ice frozen (or coffee hot) for 10+ hours.
  11.  A Kyocera ceramic knife. I’d never heard of such a thing and got one as a gift. As long as you don’t bang it around, it will be the sharpest knife in the drawer, way sharper than that $300 job you bought a few years ago.
  12. Have a glass of wine in this silly-fun Sempli wine glass. There’s a matching decanter, too.
  13. Or if you really want to treat someone, look for champagne flutes that match their decor. I have these groovy nautical ones that were gifted to me. is a great place to look for custom gifts.
  14. Dancing shoes that feel like sneakers from I have several pair.
  15. For the reader… these ridiculous BOBS from Sketchers that don’t get soggy. Put your feet up and read!

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  1. I always give books to everyone at Christmas. I believe in reading. I also like to receive books. I sew, so I also give handmade items, bags or quilts, etc.

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