thank you for your service

November 11, 2017

Look at these brave American vets with my hero-worshipping stepson! We are so grateful for those who serve our country.

thank you for your service

Some of the hardest and most humbling books I’ve written feature military members and their families. It’s an honor and a privilege to write about them.

liberation of southern France, August 1944

Map of the Heart features the liberation of southern France in WWII.

Image result for the ocean between us wiggs

The Ocean Between Us is about a family dealing with a mishap on an aircraft carrier.

Image result for apple orchard beekeepers ball

The Apple Orchard and The Beekeeper’s Ball feature the saving of the Jews of Denmark in WWII.

Sam in Lakeside Cottage is a vet and reluctant hero. The Summer Hideaway has one, too, come to think of it.

With love and remembrance,



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