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September 09, 2016

IT’S HAPPENING. The Apple Orchard is going to be a movie. Whee! Tess, Dominic, Isabel, Annelise, Magnus…they’re all coming to life. Watch this space for updates. In the meantime, play casting director and tell us who you picture in these roles.

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From Publishers Weekly:

The Hallmark Channel has optioned TV rights to The Apple Orchard (Mira), bestseller Susan Wiggs’s 2013 novel. Lucy Stille at APA and Meg Ruley at the Jane Rotrosen Agency brokered the agreement for the book, which, Ruley said, follows two sisters raised separately “who meet for the first time during a crisis at the family’s Sonoma wine-country estate.”

My Bella Vista Pinterest boards are filled with visuals I collected while writing The Apple Orchard and its companion volume, The Beekeeper’s Ball. And yes, I have a third book in mind, but it’s not written yet. Stay tuned! Don’t touch that dial!

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  • Just read the Apple Orchard and the Beekeepers Ball. Loved them so much I had to go to the library and pick up more of Susan Wiggs books. I’m starting the Lakeshore books. I can’t wait for her third Bella Vista book and for the Movie to come out.

  • Have just finished Beekeeper’s Ball for the 2nd time. Read it once, realized I needed to read The Apple Orchard so I did…and then read Beekeeper’s Ball again. Just cause it’s so dang good! Can’t wait for the movie, and the third installment in the series. And I’m thinking Isla Fisher for Tess. And the actress who was the sister in The Blind Side movie, Lily Collins for Isabel. Just thinking out loud. But whoever gets the chance to portray these wonderful characters will be truly blessed!

  • Finished both books and cannot wait for the third along with the movie! Susan, you have a wonderful writing style that creates an image of the surroundings while bringing the character’s emotions to the reader. Keep writing!!! And thank you for helping me escape my everyday life for a while as I read your stories.

    • I just finished the second Bella Vista book this morning and was wondering the same thing! Glad a 3rd book is in store. I visited Ravello in June so the ending of the book was a wonderful reminder of such a exquisite place.

  • I just completed The Beekeepers Ball without reading The Apple Orchard first. I definitely fell in love with the characters and the settings of this book. I will read the other next. I will be looking forward to the movie on Hallmark soon. I hope to find out about the father’s fate in the 3rd novel. Love Susan Wiggs!!!

  • Tess- Anna Kendrick? Spunky, fast talker… the other characters – new names that we would all fall in love with! I cannot wait for he movie

  • This and the beekeeper are my favorite of all your books so far. Love these! Can’t wait to see the movie! I look forward to reading the next one when you write it. Congrats to you.

  • I also enjoyed both books and am looking forward for the 3rd book of the series.You mentioned the Movie will be on the Hallmark Channel. I do not get that channel in Canada. Where will the movie be available in Canada?

  • I loved this story, getting ready for vacation, just trying to decide what books to take this will be one now for sure. I can’t wait for this to be made.

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