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June 06, 2016

It’s like finding a four-leafed clover–rare, and lucky. My very thoughtful publisher arranged for me to sign a very limited edition of just six thousand copies.

Why thoughtful? The logistics can get complicated.

  1. Six thousand blank pages are shipped to me. They filled three shipping boxes. 
  2. I spend a month of evenings signing pages and binge-watching TV series. My binge-watching (the ones I’ll admit to, anyway): Nurse Jackie, House of Cards, The Americans, America’s Test Kitchen, 11-22-63, Confirmation, OJ Simpson
  3. For me, the best pen for swift signing is this.
  4. Some of the pages get a feather stamp, because there’s a feather in my logo. (see above)
  5. Then I ship the signed pages back to the bindery. I included something sweet in the box and a thank-you note, because my mama raised me right. 
  6. The bindery will insert the pages into the hardcover print edition. 
  7. Et voila! The print edition is ready to pre-order from your friendly local (or maybe not so local) bookseller–Books-a-Million, Eagle Harbor Books, Barnes&Noble

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  • I’ve left a message on your FaceBook page but thought I’d try here too. Are you planning on writing a third book in your “Beekeeper’s Ball” series. I think there would be a great story in looking for the father everyone thought was dead but is on an exotic island instead.

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