January 24, 2011

torn between two lovers...
torn between two lovers...

Those of you who have been reading the Lakeshore Chronicles have met Daisy in every book, but her whole story hasn’t been told…until tomorrow, the official pub date of MARRYING DAISY BELLAMY. It’s a very cool story, if I do say so myself.

In Lakeshore Christmas (2009), her story progresses, but again it’s only a secondary plot, so we don’t get to dig too deep.

Daisy’s juggling single motherhood, school and career. And because this is a Wiggs book, she is looking for love. Her dilemma? Does she want to find it with Logan, the father of her child? Or with Julian, the sexy adrenalin junkie who first captivated her when they were in high school?

MY dilemma in Lakeshore Christmas was how far to take the storyline. I can’t reveal who she chooses, but I needed to play fair with the reader. It was tricky. What do you think? Should she choose Logan? Julian? Or what about Zach, the steadfast best friend? Or someone brand new and unexpected?

Well, Daisy made her choice, but it wasn’t easy. Early reviews are good, bless you reviewers, and most of them non-spoilerish.

  • Thank you so much for doing a fantastic job with Daisy’s story! I was honestly a little, ok a lot, worried about this book because it could’ve gone in so many directions!! You captured all three characters and their unique relationships superbly, I absolutely adore the perfect ending :0) Thanks again for sharing your talent! Can’t wait for the next installment …that is the only downside too being a book a day reader!

  • Oooo. I don’t know and I’m dying to know, and I still have another 10 days to wait because that is how long it will take to get to New Zealand. I like Logan and feel a heart connection to Julian. Wouldn’t think Zack but you never know. A new person? He better be good!!!

    However I trust you Susan. The author I am sure cares for these characters even more than we the readers do. Susan Elizabeth Phillips wowed me with her book and I am sure this Susan is going to do the same.

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