okay, we can die happy now

August 30, 2009

Although I’m sure my editor was charmed by the scenic flight over Puget Sound, the swimming, hiking, biking, boating and eating…I’m pretty sure this was the highlight of her trip to the Northwest:

Its the Pyrex Museum!
It's the Pyrex Museum!
Im not kidding. Theres a Pyrex Museum
I'm not kidding. There's a Pyrex Museum

Pyrex Nirvana. We have found it.

  • Nifty! I have some of that Pyrex, of course! Gotta love the black and white floor, too.

    A friend of mine recently bought one of your re-released historicals, and was sure to tell me. I think part of her reason for telling me was that I know she doesn’t read romance. Another part of her reason is that I’ve [very gently] hit her over the head with your name a bunch of times.

    There may soon be another convert…


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