perfect dog-walking jacket

January 31, 2009

shaped like a person, with roomy pockets
shaped like a person, with roomy pockets

I take a lot of dog walks. It’s good for a) my dog, b) my health, c) my creativity and d) my attitude. Barkis and I walk for miles and sometimes hours without running into a soul. My default outfit was something that made me look like a wino, but ever since my Fashion Epiphany last summer, I’ve been trying to upgrade my Look. And during my Big Emergency last fall, they had to cut off my favorite Patagonia hoodie, so a replacement was needed.

Jay gave me this one–the Carrie–by Ibex. He was really proud of himself: “I knew your size exactly! Medium!” This is as close to knowing my size as he ever gets.

Here’s what’s perfect about it–it’s made of this double-faced New Zealand wool stuff that feels incredible even against bare skin. It has an actual shape (not too apparent in the photo but it’s really flattering). It has pockets that zip, a full front zipper (for ventilation) and two giant inner pockets. On a wilderness dog walk, I need pockets for the cell phone, iPod, training treats, leash and water bottle.

I’m pretty much obsessed with this company. The clothing is made in the USA! Yay! And they have the coolest web site and blog.

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  • Pet Safety

    Our pet clothing is designed to be worn by your pet only while under the direct supervision of a responsible adult. While we take the utmost care in assuring that our designs incorporate quick-release closures, Velcro, etc., there is always a danger of an unsupervised pet becoming tangled in the clothing or choking. We urge you to use the utmost care in assuring the safety of your pets at all times!!!!

  • Ordered the jacket. It just looks so comfy and I’m so tired of wearing the one I bought for my son that got handed down to me when he outgrew it. Thanks for the suggestion. 🙂

  • Niiiiiiice.
    Pair it with Bogs boots. I just heard about them…lots of great styles. They are lined in neoprene rubber(that deep sea divers wear) so you can wear them down to -40 degrees. Cutsy and sooooo great for your feet in rain…. or WA snow:o)) They are recommended for Antacrtica but we think they are great in OH too.(seems like Antarctica hereas of late)

    And speaking of your “incident”, how is your “boo-boo”? All healed?

  • Me too! Just picked up your book today. It is the hot book at the bookstore today. The bookstore seller said she has already sold 7 this morning. On my way home, I stopped at Safeway and checked out the book aisle. #10 on the best seller list tag and quite a few had been sold. I shamelessly promote your books. “Have you read Susan Wiggs?” I say. “You haven’t, then you should try one, you will like it.” Then I smile and walk away.

    Oh, I like the jacket too – beautiful colour.

    (I will be up late tonight – reading.) Just love it, love it, love it, another book!

  • Gee, now I want one ! How great of Jay to find such a nice jacket for you -and now I have another web site marked as a favorite. Jay takes such good care of you, it is always nice to hear about. Makes me smile.

    Ah, also, update ! Our local WalMart had Fireside ! Once I can sit still a bit, I am so ready to read it. Maybe while mom is in having her back repaired Monday 🙂 I have to hurry up and read it, or she will steal it back from me VBG !

    Thanks for the writing you do Susan, I always appreciate having good things to read – don’t we all ?


  • oooh, so pretty! I love that color, too. I have a red one that fits like a glove. It makes me feel sporty even though I’m so not. I’ll have to check out the company! I so don’t need new apparel, but looking is free!

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