True blue

July 22, 2008

Great blue heron photo by Mike Siegel

So Mike came over to take some photos of the house for a magazine article. He’s a talented photographer, and here’s one of his recent images. I love this shot because it shows how truly blue a blue heron is.

great blue heron on my beach
great blue heron on my beach

In contrast, here’s a shot of a heron on my beach. Nice lines, but you can’t see how blue it truly is.

This heron seems to be territorial because I see it here a lot. It’s the most patient of hunters, standing as still as a statue for the longest time before it strikes.

Sonny finds a way to escape Barkis.
Sonny finds a way to escape Barkis.

There’s a heron statue in my pool. Here’s a shot of Sonny, who swims over to the rock to escape Barkis, who refuses to get wet.

  • Hi Susan,

    What a gorgeous bird. I like your BI one too though……..

    Your blue heron reminds me of the big grey ones and smaller white ones we would see frequently when we lived inland (Paso Robles area) in central California. Like nowhere near water. Oddest thing to me was to see them walking about in the barren horse pastures. Odd until I saw one obviously stalking something (I mean really, a water bird in the dry pasture?) and then it snaked its neck and snapped up a……..ground squirrel!!!!!!! Then it flipped the squirrel straight up and gulped it just like a pelican would! It was really strange, but became a regular sight for me.

    I see them here at times, but none were squirrel hunting  Weird, just weird !

    Will you let us know what magazine?


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