News flash! Novelists on strike!

March 17, 2008

Oooh, this was painfully funny, about the devastating effects of the Novelists strike.

  • Did you catch the reference to Pomona College in there? Props to the Sagehens! Maybe one day we’ll be as much of a household name as the Ivey Leagues….

  • By Gosh and by Golly!!! This is wonderful! This cloud does have a silver linining! One man’s goose is another man’s gander, don’t cha know?

    Maybe NOW some ignrnt publisher will will publish my lackluster Best Seller “For Who the Ding-Dong Rings” – it has no redeeming virtues whatsoever – but I am sure it is just what they are looking for!

    The last rejection letter said something about the right time being related to flying pigs …maybe NOW the buggers won’t be so persnickity.

    …and maybe… just maybe I can also find a buyer for my 3,728 page novella that is holding up one corner of my bed.

    Sorry gotta go …and make grass while the moonshines and strike while the grits are cold ….opportunities like this only happen when jupiter is cussing at mars ….after all it is in the stars right?

  • I love The Onion. I see the paper copy in the newsstands, but I haven’t picked one up yet. The best part is coming online, reading one story, clicking on a link to another and wasting like 2 hours.

    I love the little throwaway lines like so-and-so is a computer analyst and avid golfer. Funny stuff that only readers/novelists will find funny, I bet.

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