Intentional Charms

August 28, 2007

It’s the sweetest (and most affordable) jewelry shop on the Web. You might not know you need a Gargoyle Cell Phone charm (which can also work as a zipper pull), but you do. bird cell phone charm

Or–for the knitters among us, and I know there are hundreds of you–adorable stitch markers.

Earrings? Of course!

Willa, the jewelry maker, is a woman of many talents

“The things I make are meant to be worn and enjoyed for their beauty, but many of them also contain charms or semi-precious stones that have meanings beyond mere adornment. They are talismans, amulets, lucky charms. Charms with intent. Intentional charms.”

You’re going to love her site.

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  • Hi Susan, I just found your website, and are really enjoying your books ! I checked out the Intentional Charms site, and ordered a cell phone charm ! Beautiful – and thank you for a great blog.

    Pam in Janesville, CA

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